Q: Do you have packaging or assembly services?
A: We DO NOT offer packaging or assembly. The client should provide the cargo ready to be loaded and unloaded on the trucks. Also, clients are responsible for all loading and unloading of cargo.

Q: What are you allowed to carry?
A: We can carry pretty much anything… The only things we do not carry are: hazardous materials, oversize loads and perishables.

Q: What system do you use for tracking your trucks? Is this system available for the client to see?
A: We use GPS tracking and a sophisticated camera system for video recording, inside and outside the trucks. We do not provide access to our tracking system for clients, but we keep our clients updated with every detail of the shipping process.

Q: Do you provide skids, pallet jacks, lift-gates, shipping pads?
A: We DO NOT provide with any of these elements, we only secure the cargo with tarp and straps depending on the shipping method.

Q: Do you have a dedicated route and what is your coverage area?
A: We currently have a dedicated routes in the North Texas area and throughout local surrounding states.

Q: Who are your main clients?
R: We serve a broad list of industries but our biggest clients are: Distributors and Retailers, Manufacturers and General merchandise, Consumer products (not perishables), Auto parts retailers and Car Dealerships, and more.

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